Forward Baptist Church, Toronto

Glorify God. Grow in Christ. Go with the Gospel.

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Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission: 

GROW in Christ
GO with the Gospel

Our Vision:

Our Vision is that Forward Baptist Church would reflect God’s vision for the church laid out in His Word.  We aspire to glorify God as His holy temple, built on the foundation of God’s Word with Jesus Christ and His gospel as our cornerstone, where God’s Holy Spirit works in us as we gather together to worship God with our whole hearts.  We aspire to Grow in Christ as His body, a diverse group of people who are unified in Jesus, who are maturing together in Him,  and who are being equipped for ministry.  We aspire to Go with the Gospel as Christ’s ambassadors to the world calling others to Christ by loving our community and investing in strategic missions work.

  1. Built on the foundation of God’s Word: We joyfully submit to God’s word in all that we do as a church and as individuals.
  2. Gospel as our cornerstone: The Gospel message is at the core of everything that is done at Forward
  3. Whole-Hearted Worship: Members of Forward regularly and enthusiastically gather together to hear God’s Word preached, to sing together, to pray together, to participate in the Lord’s Supper together, to witness baptisms together, to give, and to serve.
  4. Diverse and unified:  Forward is a diverse congregation with a deep mutual love for one another.  We have unity in our Lord that transcends boundaries of age, ethnicity, and economic situation.
  5. Maturing together: Members of Forward are maturing and abiding in Christ together; living holy lives according to God’s Word, filled with God’s Spirit, and regularly engaged in mutual encouragement, accountability, prayer and evangelism.
  6. Equipped for ministry: Forward strongly emphasises equipping its members for service so they can minister faithfully at Forward and/or be sent elsewhere to serve as pastors and missionaries.
  7. Loving our community: Forward actively serves the community of the Upper Beaches and surrounding area, showing Christ’s love through tangible means.
  8. Strategic Missions: Forward works to  be an initiator in planting and revitalizing churches locally in Toronto and through global missions.